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Church Newsletter:

The Church Newsletter is available for delivery by e-mail or by hand. If you are a member of the congregation and would like to received your Newsletter by e-mail, please send an email to

If you have a contribution to the Newsletter, please e-mail to by the 20th of the month.

Please note, the Newsletter is not published in January, July and August.

Freewill Offering Envelopes:

The pandemic highlighted that much of what we took for granted has become something we now either savour or dread. One such issue is the handling of cash.

Pre-covid, each Sunday during the service the Freewill Offering envelopes were collected. That will on longer be possible. You will be able to leave your envelopes, but that means someone will need to handle the envelopes and cash. Not a task that anyone is keen to do.

We strongly recommend that, rather than donate with cash you contribute to the Church using a standing order. Please look at our donation page for details.


Safeguarding is about preventing harm and abuse and making a timely and appropriate response if it occurs.
Harm or abuse of children and adults at risk can happen anywhere – even in church communities. We have a duty to Ensure a Safe Church for All. This means protecting children and "adults at risk".

For further information please go to the safeguarding area of the Church of Scotland's website.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Millions of people have fled their homes to escape the conflict in Ukraine.
Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across the country have had devastating consequences for ordinary people. Homes have been destroyed. Families have been separated. Lives have been lost.

To donate, please go to