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Job Vacancy

Children, Youth and Families Worker required at Patna Waterside and Dalmellington Parishes, Presbytery of Ayr.
Church of Scotland is looking for someone with the energy and desire to see faith develop amongst the children, youth and young families within our parishes, and work as part of a team to help develop a healthy, growing, missional and transformational community within Patna Waterside and Dalmellington Parishes.
For full details and job description please go to Presbytery of Ayr website.

Church Newsletter

The Church Newsletter is available for delivery by e-mail or by hand. If you are a member of the congregation and would like to received your Newsletter by e-mail, please send an email to

If you have a contribution to the Newsletter, please e-mail to by the 20th of the month.

Please note, the Newsletter is not published in July and August.

Church Office:

The Church Office has re-opened for two mornings each week - Monday and Thursday from 10.00am to 12.00noon.

Although Covid restrictions have eased considerably, we will still be retaining some precautionary restrictions for the protection of visitors, office staff and church employees. If you wish to visit the Church Office, please wear a mask before entering the building and on entry sanitise your hands using the automated dispenser provided. There will also be a limit to the number of people allowed access to the office at any one time and you may be asked to wait in the corridor until access is available.

If you wish to contact the office, please use go to the Contacts Page and fill in the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

Freewill Offering Envelopes:

The pandemic has highlighted that much of what we took for granted has become something we now either savour or dread. One such issue is the handling of cash.

Pre-covid, each Sunday during the service the Freewill Offering envelopes were collected. That will on longer be possible. You will be able to leave your envelopes, but that means someone will need to handle the envelopes and cash. Not a task that anyone is keen to do.

We strongly recommend that, rather than donate with cash you contribute to the Church using a standing order. Please look at our donation page for details.




Be aware of scams ...

The Coronavirus pandemic which we are all facing brings out the very best in kindness, but unfortunately there are others for whom it is an opportunity to gain our confidence and steal from us in the most callous manner.

There are a number of website which will help you identify possible scams and advise of what to do. A website which is easy to read and understand is Age UK.

We are not trying to alarm you, just asking that you stand back and think before you act to the e-mail or phone call you receive from someone you don't know, or someone coming to your door that you don't know.

Stay safe, stay well and stay alert!