History - Stained Glass Windows

The history, and origins of the Church windows illustrate the personal and communal values of past congregations.

W. Watson Binnie

W. watson Binnie window locatonThe fourth memorial window in the South Wall of the Nave was gifted by Mr. William Binnie in memory of his father, Mr W. Watson Binnie. (It was Mr. Watson Binnie who gifted the 12 elders stalls, moderators stall, table lectern, and offertory table in remembrance of his wife in September 1930).

The donor of the memorial window Mr. William Binnie will be remembered by some of the congregation as the session clerk from 1939 to the mid 1950’s.

The memorial window, which is a two panel one, portrays in the upper panel the raising of Jairus’ daughter.
Christ is seen with arm extended speaking the words which appear below, "Damsel, I say unto you, arise”.
The maiden is rising from her couch and looking and stretching out towards Jesus. Behind is a window through which there is a suggestion of a town in the evening Light.

The Lower panel illustrates a scene at the marriage of Cana in Galillee. Christ is seen stretching out his hand towards one of the pitchers of water, which is being filled by the kneeling man.
To the Left of Jesus is Mary, his mother, in the act of telling him there is no more wine. To the left again is one of the guests. In the background there are arched windows through which is seen the village in the sunshine.