History - Stained Glass Windows

The history, and origins of the Church windows illustrate the personal and communal values of past congregations.

Thomas Robert Clark

Thomas R Clark  window locatonThe memorial window in the west wall of the ‘North Transept’ was gifted by Mrs. Clark in memory of her husband - Thomas Robert Clark.

Mr. T. R. Clark was for many years a member of the Congregational Board and in particular Chairman of the General Committee, which in 1936 became the Finance Committee. He continued as its Convenor until February 1944 when he was, under war regulations transferred to Helensburgh.

Mr. & Mrs. Clark remained members of St. Nicholas church, but Mr. Clark died in December 1947.

The window was dedicated on 19th June 1949.

The design of the window is based on ‘The Stilling of the Storm’, by Christ. Jesus is standing in the boat while two disciples look on in fear. Around are the swirling waves and behind is the suggestion of a purply, stormy sky.
Below are the words ’Peace Be Still’. The medallion at the top indicates creation and shows the land set in the midst of the sea. The lower medallion represents the flow, with the Ark in the forefront and the mountains and rising waters behind.