History - Stained Glass Windows

The history, and origins of the Church windows illustrate the personal and communal values of past congregations.

Mr. and Mrs John Kerr

Mr & Mrs Kerr  window locatonThe Memorial Window for Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr is in the North wall of the North transcept, and was unveiled and dedicated on 25th April 1976.

The theme of Christ healing the Lepers was to commemorate the Mission of Lepers which was founded in 1875 and perhaps a link to the leper house in times gone by at Kingcase, was in the mind of the artist - Mr. Harvey Salvin.

Christ is standing upright rather than kneeling. This is intentional to provoke the inspiration that he is in majesty and yet humble because of the implied crown of thorns which surrounds his head. He is dressed in white for purity, the simple garment showing his humility. He stands also to suggest renewal and ascension, spiritually and physically. The field of gold depicts the sun and the resurrection while the blues depict heavenly redemption.

To the right of Christ’s head the angel is represented. His crown of thorns depicts his suffering corresponding to that of the lepers.

Satan, who holds a crown of thorns, is shown 'cast out' to show 'good, triumphant over evil'. This also symbolises the casting out of the leper’s disease (as an evil suffering associated with the work of the Devil).

To the left of Christ, two descending cured spirits, encompassed by wing like forms, are being sent down to replace the evil and the disease of the lepers shown on the lower right side of the window.
The lepers are depicted in a 'pull away' gesture, reaching up holding their hands as a gesture of hope for survival.

This window has often been referred to as 'conservative modern' regarding colour and style and the text has been eliminated to avoid dating by the American artist who studied art in Edinburgh. There are numerous examples of his work in the United States but this is the first commission in Scotland.

Mr. John Kerr was an Elder of the church for many years and gave generously. This window is but one example. He was a founder and long time member of the Friendship Club of St. Nicholas, and the Provost of Prestwick from 1957 to 1960. He died in January 1974.