History - Stained Glass Windows

The history, and origins of the Church windows illustrate the personal and communal values of past congregations.


Guild window locatonOn Sunday 2 April, 1950 a beautiful stained glass window was presented to the church by the Women’s Guild.

Mrs Dunn, on behalf of the Guild unveiled the window and the minister, Rev. G. McLeod Dunn dedicated it.

The window is the first window on the right as you enter the Nave of the church.

In the upper panel of the window there are seen three women at Christ’s tomb. Dominating the scene are the two angels behind whom, at the lower left, is a suggestion of the entrance to the tomb itself. In the background, on the upper right, is a silhouette of the three crosses, with a flaming morning sky behind and on the scroll below is the text ; He is not here, he is risen”.

In the lower panel is depicted the incident of Christ and Mary in the garden, following Our Lord’s resurrection. In this instance Christ is shown in white robes, although in all other scenes, before the resurrection, he is shown in red. Behind the figures are the trees of the garden and the gateway through which is seen the city and the morning sky beyond. Below are the words; Woman, whom seekest thou?”.