History - Stained Glass Windows

The history, and origins of the Church windows illustrate the personal and communal values of past congregations.

Rev. George MacLeod Dunn

Rev. G. M. Dunn window locatonThe memorial window in the east wall of the south transept is the memorial window to the second Minister of the church, the Reverend George MacLeod Dunn who was Minister from 1927 until his retirement in 1959.

The theme of the window portrays the life of a man devoted to his calling, who loved all people and was, in turn, loved by them, who understood their sufferings and their limitations. His love of preaching, his knowledge of and his passion for God.

The inscription in the window reads “To the Glory of God and in loving remembrance of The Reverend George McLeod Dunn, Minister of this Church, 1927-1959; much beloved by all.”

The main figure is that of St. Paul in an attitude of preaching and the ship on the right hand side denotes Paul’s pilgrimages.
The kneeling figure on the left hand side is that of Saul shielding his eyes from the light of God. The two Angels at the top of the window denote the joy and happiness of Heaven where the dove, in downward flight symbolises the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The lower portion of the window denotes the workings of God showing the figure of Moses with a background of the Burning Bush symbolising suffering and martyrdom.
The hand and the light of God are depicted on the right hand side. The star symbolises the guiding light on the left hand side.

The text “By my voice I might teach others” is from the gospel of St. Paul.

The window was dedicated on the 6th December 1964.