If you wish to have an intimation added to the Order of Service, please contact us. All intimations should be submitted by the Friday prior to the Sunday you wish the intimation to be announced.


3rd. October Kirk Session
    Committee Reports from Education, Malawi, Mission, Pastoral
6th. October Communion
21st. November Kirk Session
    Committee Reports from Admin. & Comms., Health & Safety, Fabric, Finance
16th. January Kirk Session
    Committee Reports from Education, Malawi, Mission, Pastoral

Regular Intimations

  • Crèche available each Sunday in Hamilton Room, off corridor.
  • Recordings of the Service on CD and DVD are available from the sound team for free, non-returnable. Available to anyone who wishes a copy.
  • The Church will be open each Tuesday from 11.00am to 12.O0noon for prayer and reflection.
  • Prayer Meeting on Saturday at 9.00am.
  • Up Close and Personal - Mondays at 10.30am in the Old Hall all welcome.

Hospital Transport

Members of the Congregation requiring help in visiting local hospitals can contact M. McIntosh (470161) or the Church Office, and the necessary arrangements will be made.

Prayer Requests

If, for any reason, you would like prayer for yourself or someone you know, please put a few details on a prayer request card (which you will find in the pew or beside the prayer request box at the main door) and drop the card into the box. All prayer requests are treated with the utmost sensitivity and seriousness.

Please Note: Committees are expected to meet during the two weeks prior to the Kirk Session Meeting at which they are due to report.